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Innovations in EDA: Memory Effects in RF Circuits: Manifestations and Simulation

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Why this Webcast is important:
The use of complex modulated waveforms in modern radios has created a significant hurdle for teams attempting to verify their radio IC designs. While accurate, transient-based simulation technologies have proven to be too slow and have given way to envelope-transient based simulation approaches. Unfortunately, for several classes of circuitry there is still a gap between the simulation runtimes and what is needed in the industry. As a result there is a strong desire to use behavioral modeling techniques for verification of radio circuits with modulated waveforms. In order to properly apply behavioral technologies, it has become incumbent on designers to better understand memory effects in RF circuits, which can be the most significant source of errors.

This Webcast defines memory effects in RF circuits and exposes some of the manifestations that these effects will have in various blocks of the radio. With this understanding in place, the Webcast then demonstrates how these effects can adversely impact the accuracy of simulations using traditional behavioral approaches. Finally, new techniques are presented which allow for sufficient simulation speed and accuracy, even in the presence of various memory effects in RF circuits.

Who should view this Webcast:
If you will be designing, verifying, supporting or managing the verification of complex RF circuit blocks and RF transmitters and receivers in highly integrated RFICs, this Webcast is dedicated to you.

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