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Techniques for Characterizing Spurious Signals Webcast

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RF and microwave transceivers are usually designed to operate over discrete frequency points or ranges, however due to non-linearities in components and or design flaws unwanted oscillations or spurious signals can be generated. These spurs can degrade the performance and range of your device or your neighbor’s device. The ability to quickly and efficiently find, characterize, and reduce these spurs can be extremely challenging and time consuming. This webcast will:
1. Review the basics of applying good spur searching strategy using both swept tuned and FFT based spectrum analysis.
2. Review the concepts of the sweep time equation to trade-off dynamic range for sweep speed.
3. Introduce new spectrum analysis technologies including, real-time DSP, wideband digitizing, and smart FFT algorithms to accelerate spur searching for both R&D and manufacturing


Engineers and technicians in A/D and communications who need to reduce the levels of spurious signals in their designs and test engineers who need to characterize these spurs in a given signal environment.


Riadh Said, Product Manager, Keysight Technologies

Riadh Said is a Platform Manager for Keysight’s Microwave Communications Division. He joined Keysight Technologies in 2001. During his 13 years with Keysight, he has held positions in Applications planning, Sales Development and Technical support. During his tenure at Keysight he has worked with customers developing & manufacturing RF and microwave components to full transceivers. This includes applications in Aerospace and Defense such as Electronic Warfare and RADAR to wireless communications such as LTE or WLAN. Riadh graduated with a B.S. in Mechatronic Engineering from Chico State University.

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