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Debug Digital Designs Faster with Advanced Parametric Triggering

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Although fast waveform update rates can often reveal signal integrity problems, capturing intermittent parametric circuit problems while using a scope’s standard edge triggering mode is still based on statistical odds. Not only can advanced parametric triggering help synchronize oscilloscope acquisitions and display on known complex signal activity, but this type of triggering can also be used to test for signal parametric violation conditions such as setup & hold time violations, edge speed violations, pulse amplitude violations (runts), pulse width violations, etc.

Keysight’s new DSO/MSO3000 X-Series InfiniiVision oscilloscopes come standard with a variety of advanced parametric triggering and search/navigation capabilities. During this presentation you will learn the meaning of each of these violation signal conditions, as well as how to setup the scope to trigger on and test for a variety of parametric signal violation conditions using the scope’s built-in training signals and advanced triggering/search/navigation capabilities.

Who should attend?

R&D engineers looking to debug and/or characterize intermittent circuit problems.

The Presenter: Maryjane Hayes, InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes Product Manager

Maryjane HayesMaryjane Hayes is the InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes Product Manager in the Digital Test Division. She is responsible for bringing new and innovative system verification and validation solutions to students and engineers in the electronics industry. Maryjane’s 10 years of years experience at Agilent includes three years in Technical Support, three years in Sales Development for high volume oscilloscopes and the past four years as a Product Marketing manager.

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