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Thermal Effects, Power Integrity, and Your PCB

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Did you know that in addition to validating the electrical performance of the power integrity on your PCB, it is also crucial to perform a thermal validation as well? This webcast introduces the thermal aspects of power integrity in your PCB designs and why it is critical to consider them. To better understand a design’s power integrity from the thermal viewpoint, it provides a theoretical background for heat transfer and an overview of the thermal analysis technologies. Finally, the webcast demonstrates the importance of performing thermal analysis on PCB designs by showing a practical PCB design example.


Power Integrity engineers and PCB designers wanting to gain a greater knowledge of thermal issues in PCBs


Hee-Soo Lee, 3D EM Applications Specialist, Keysight Technologies

Hee-Soo Lee holds a BSEE degree from the Hankuk Aviation University, Korea. He has more than 20 years of design and simulation experience in the area of RF and Microwave designs, and is currently the Applications Specialist for 3D EM solutions at Keysight EEsof EDA


Tim Wang-Lee, Application Engineer for High Speed Digital Applications

Chun-ting "Tim" Wang Lee is an Application Engineer for High Speed Digital applications in the EEsof EDA Group of Keysight Technologies. Wang Lee received his BSEE degrees from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and MSEE from University of Colorado at Boulder. He is currently a Ph.D candidate focusing on signal integrity research in the Electric Engineering Department at the University of Colorado. In the past years, he involved himself with signal integrity projects focusing on improving simulation and measurement correlation. His recent work includes applications of full-wave electromagnetic simulators and novel techniques for high speed channel characterization.

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