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Electronic Measurement Course Calendar for India

Welcome to Keysight's Upcoming Events Page for India

Keysight Technologies takes part as an exhibitor in numerous parlors and conferences but also organizes free technical seminars in many fields. This list will be updated regularly.

Name Description Date Location Information
HOTSPOTS Seminars - Signal Integrity Measurement Insights

The continued increase in consumers using more data drives a wider adoption of high speed digital signals in electronic products, which increases the complexity of your design, including how to test and debug your product. Making the right decisions early in the process will enable you to avoid prototype re-spins and bring your product to market before the competition.

Keysight's Signal Integrity Hotspots Seminar addresses the challenges facing High Speed Digital designers and developers at component, circuit and system levels.
Five focused papers will give you deeper insight on Signal Integrity aspects such as Jitter, Crosstalk, TDR, Power Integrity, Embedding & De-embedding including using Oscilloscopes in RF applications.

Keysight’s leading-edge instruments & solutions will also be available throughout the seminar to provide you the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Keysight experts & products.

24 May 2018

Hyderabad, India

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Keysight India Aerospace Defense Symposium 2018

Is modernizing your Electronic Warfare(EW) intercept suite to address multi-emitter battle threat scenarios from land, sea, air etc., a priority for you? Does your work involve Research, Design, Development & Manufacturing of next generation test strategies for wide band RADAR measurements? Are you looking at a cost-effective high-performance DRONE/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) test solution, which can make a big difference between winning & losing saving valuable human lives in a war theatre? Is strengthening home land security systems a prerogative?

Look no further.

24 April 2018

New Delhi, India

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