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Removing the Human Touch – It’s Time ICT Goes Fully Automated Webcast Series

1   Hour | Webcast


The Keysight 3070 platform has been used in automated inline configuration for more than 20 years. Meanwhile, we have just celebrated the shipment of the #50 automated inline i1000 systems. Keysight has successfully helped many customers in enabling their factory automation needs together with high quality in-circuit tests.

The series of the webcasts will discuss basic elements of inline automated in-circuit test, as well as applications using automated in-circuit tests. We will start from why people move to automation and cost justification. In the following sessions, we will talk about automotive inline applications such as powertrain and body electronics, as well as applications in other industries. Finally, we will talk about how functional test can be combined in the automated in-circuit test.


Plant managers, Test managers, Test engineers, Functional test engineers, factory automation project managers, and quality engineers, quality managers who wants to improve product quality and improve factory output as well as saving cost.


  • Automated Inline ICT and Functional Test
    In this session we will talk about automation elements in Keysight i3070, i1000 and Keysight functional test solution with examples under an automated inline test configuration.


Automated Inline ICT – Industrial and Home Appliances
Recorded November 26, 2015

In this session, we will talk about automation elements in Keysight i3070 and i1000,followed by examples of industrial products and home appliance products using using inline automated in-circuit tests.

Automated Inline ICT – Infotainment and Communication
Recorded October 29, 2015

This webcast will describe how test automation can be used in automotive applications such as body electronics, infotainment, and communications.

Specifically, this presentation describes the implementation and benefits of using automated in-circuit test for the following automotive board types:

• Remote keyless system
• Audio control board
• Dashboard controller

Automating the In-circuit Testing in your Factory
Original broadcast July 23, 2015 

In this webcast, we will discuss:

• Inline automation ICT overview and Keysight experience in automation
o Introduction of Keysight Technologies and In-circuit test in Keysight
o Test automation and ICT automation
o Keysight engagements in ICT automation

• Different aspects affecting the decision of automating your in-circuit test
o Products – does your product suitable for automation?
o Manufacturing and Test Process
o Organization – who will be involved?

• Benefits of automation from quality and cost perspectives
o Automation for Quality
o Automation for Cost
o Are there any other perspectives?

Automated Inline ICT – Powertrain and Hybrid
Original broadcast August 19 

In this session we will talk about automation elements in Keysight i3070 and i1000, followed by examples of automotive powertrain and hybrid applications using inline automated in-circuit tests.

Automated Inline ICT – Body Electronics, Safety and Driver Assistance
Original broadcast September 24 

In this session we will talk about automation elements in Keysight i3070 and i1000, followed by examples of automotive body electronics, safety and driver assistance applications using inline automated in-circuit tests.


NK Chari, Director of Marketing & Support, Measurement Systems Division
Chari has been working in Agilent/HP for over 20 years in sales and marketing, responsible for supporting customers in education, defense and aerospace, R&D, wireless technologies and now, in-circuit test and board as well as automotive functional test solutions. He continues this leadership under Keysight Technologies.

Kwan Wee Lee, Technical Marketing Engineer
Kwan Wee started working for Agilent in year 2000 as a Field Application Engineer supporting regional EMS customers in ICT program installation and presales activities. After 3 years with Agilent, he moved to Hewlett Packard as a Test Engineer managing its contract manufacturers for the All-in-One printers operations. With the experiences accumulated from both the field service and the OEM jobs, he returned to Agilent taking up the position of a Technical Marketing Engineer in 2006. Being one of the pioneers for the i1000D, he is directly involved in the specification and design of the product.

Wee Sheng Yong, Technical Marketing Engineer, Measurement Systems Division
In his current role, Wee Sheng works closely with customers and Keysight’s R&D team to define requirements, features and specification of i3070 product/software development based on the customer feedback and requests.


Tian-Chiok Lian, ICT Product Marketing Manager, Measurement Systems Division
Tian-Chiok brings 15 years of test and measurement experience to his current role. He was the MSD Global Service & Support Business Manager, responsible for delivering best in class services & support to customers, ensuring that they get maximum system uptime from their in-circuit and functional test systems. He has also held management role in Application Engineering (AE), supporting test and measurement products from multiple product divisions. As the South Asia Pacific AE Manager, he was also responsible for effective business development, service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Eugene Lin, i1000 Product Marketing Manager, Measurement Systems Division
Eugene Lin is the product marketing manager for Keysight’s i1000D product platform. Eugene has been working in Keysight/Agilent/HP for more than 15 years in sales and marketing in the electronics manufacturing testing. He has extensive experience in manufacturing test for computational, communication and automotive environments from various jobs in Keysight. He is graduated from Tsing Hwa University with Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and obtained Master of Business Administration from National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan.

Training & Event Materials

Automating the In-circuit Testing in your Factory Webcast Slides 
Slides from the July 23, 2015 webcast

Seminar Materials 2015-07-23

Automating In-Circuit Test Webcast Slides 
Slides from the August 19, 2015 webcast

Seminar Materials 2015-08-19

Automated Inline ICT – Body Electronics, Safety and Driver Assistance Webcast Slides 
Slides from the September 24, 2015 webcast

Seminar Materials 2015-09-24