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Boundary Scan Webcast Series

1   Hour | Webcast

Using Boundary Scan to recover test coverage lost due to limited test access

This series of webcasts describes how boundary scan can help mitigate issues with limited test access on your products and how the x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer can be used in your test strategy to easily implement boundary scan testing on your products in R&D, NPI or mass production. The series starts with in introduction of the x1149 and its features, followed by DFT guidelines for boundary scan implementation. Then, we will talk about common boundary scan test methods that you can use and how they can recover test coverage lost due to the removal of test access on the board. Finally, we describe 3 examples of how boundary scan and the x1149 can be applied to test your products. These examples include DDR testing, executing functional tests on motherboards loaded with Intel CPU through embedded testing, and how to get full coverage of all ICs on solid state drive (SSD) boards.


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NPI engineers, R&D PCB layout engineers, product managers who want to design their products to be compliant to boundary scan standards to take advantage of the testpoint savings capabilities of boundary scan, and who want to get a better understanding of how boundary scan can help simplify test yet maintain test coverage on the on-board devices on limited test access boards.

Test managers, Test engineers, NPI engineers who develop or maintain in-circuit test or boundary scan tests in production and want to have a better understanding of boundary scan applications and how to use boundary scan more effectively on their products with limited test access.


John Pendlebury, Manufacturing Systems Division, Americas Field Sales at Keysight Technologies

Graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in Electronics Engineering. Worked for a number of companies before joining HP in 1987 to support ICT in the UK and Europe.
Transferred to the US in 1999 to work in the Test Solutions Center supporting the 3079 and 3070 family of products.

Since moving to the US John has worked extensively with OEMs here and also with their CM partners in Asia.He has extensive Boundary Scan experience and works with both the 3070 and Keysight’s x1149 Boundary Scan analyzer, specializing in complex silicon and DDR testing.


Doug E Olson, Manufacturing Systems Division, Americas Field Sales at Keysight Technologies

Graduated from College in Wisconsin with a EE degree, worked at Contract Electrical Manufacturing (CEM) in Minnesota for over 13 years designing Functional and In-Circuit test strategies for our Customers. Joined Hewlett Packard (HP) in California as an instructor; teaching Customer how to use the i3070 Board Test System and I also developed the Boundary Scan training class for the i3070 Board Test Systems. In 1998 I transferred to a Field Application Engineering role for HP/Agilent/Keysight working with several Customers in the Silicon Valley, providing insight and training on how to affectively leverage the New Test Technologies on the i3070 Test System. Today I am working with Agilent/Keysight’s x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer to assist our Customer to continue to increase and/or maintain affective diagnostic test coverage as designs become more complex with decreasing test access (test points).