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Overcoming Resistance/Picoammeter Measurement Challenges Webcast

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Performing current vs. voltage characterization on devices and materials at very low current levels presents a unique set of measurement challenges. Normal measurement issues such as noise, transient signals and cabling and fixturing parasitics are much harder to solve when dealing with currents in the femtoamp range. In addition, many cutting-edge materials have extremely high resistances that conventional DMMs and source/measurement units (SMUs) cannot measure. In this webcast Keysight will explain the measurement techniques, tricks and tools necessary to measure currents down to 0.01 femtoamps and resistances up to 10 Peta Ohms with both high measurement confidence and repeatability.


Dr. Ervin Mile
Power Specialist Americas & Europe
Keysight Technologies

Dr. Ervin Mile is currently the Americas and Europe Power Specialist for Keysight Technologies. He has a broad knowledge of various industrial and R&D sectors ranging from Material Science, Semiconductors, Nanotechnology, Electrochemistry and Physics. He holds a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering from “Politecnico di Torino”, Masters in micro & nanotechnologies for integrated circuits from “Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne”, and a PhD in Physics of micro & nano electro-mechanical systems from “Ecole Polytechnique Paris”.

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Free 2018-06-20 10:00
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