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Detect and Troubleshoot Interference in Modern RF/MW Communication Systems Webcast

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Communication system are moving to higher frequencies like LTE,5G, microwave link, Ka band satellite, and narrow RADAR pulse for automotive RADAR. Congested radio resources contribute many interference issues in network deployment. In this seminar, we will examine type of interferences, mitigation plans and what new technologies can help troubleshoot interference issues in the field.



Recent engineering graduates, experienced R&D engineers transitioning to RF, or technicians and engineers who are or will be involved in manufacturing test and/or design and simulation.


Rolland Zhang, Global Product Manager, Keysight Technologies

Rolland Zhang is a global product manager for Keysight’s FieldFox RF handheld analyzers, based in Santa Rosa, California. Rolland has over 20 years of experience with RF/MW and in the wireless communications industry in the areas of wireless communication infrastructure, installation, maintenance, network engineering, optimization, and troubleshooting. He is currently responsible for developing the industry-leading FieldFox RF/MW handheld instruments for wireless and aerospace/defense communications.

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