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New impedance measurement solutions and applications using a Vector Network Analyzer - Web Seminar

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Characterizing electronic components and circuits becomes more important to design high-reliability products. For that reason, engineers are confronted with challenges such as evaluate broad frequency range from near-DC to RF, reduce test cost and measurement time.

Corresponding to the situation and requirement, we do offer a new impedance measurement solutions and applications using the ENA series E5061B LF-RF NA option (E5061B-3L5) with impedance analysis option (Option 005).
This webcast focuses on impedance measurements, and presents what's new with and how to use the VNA which covers wide frequency and impedance range: 5 Hz to 3 GHz, milliohm to high-impedance. Also, we provide some typical application examples with measurement tips for evaluating passive components used in electronic circuits / equipments, and characterizing power distribution network (PDN) components for power integrity (PI).


Who should view this webcast:
Engineers working on analog circuits and power management circuits of electronic equipment and systems in various industrial fields, including computer, automotive, medical, aerospace & defense, and so on; passive components such as capacitors, inductors / transducers, resonators and/or PDN components such as by-pass capacitors, DC-DC converters, PCBs.
Also, anyone currently using old-style impedance analyzers and/or combination analyzers such as 4192A / 4194A / 4195A / 4395A, and looking for a replacement would find this seminar of great interest.








Hiroshi Kanda, Product Manager, Component Test Division, Agilent Technologies.
Hiroshi Kanda is a product manager for the Component Test Division of Agilent Technologies in Kobe, Japan.
He is responsible for product marketing and application developments for the network analyzers.
Most recently he worked for the impedance analysis function for LF-RF network analyzer and its applications.


Where & When

Date(s) Location For more information
2011-04-27 10:00 — 11:00
At your desk Enroll / view the recording of the live broadcast on Apr 27, 2011