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European Conference of Optical Communication 2018 | Rome

Transform the way you see waveforms with new industry standards for measurement quality. The industry-leading and new UXR Oscilloscopes deliver the best in noise floor, intrinsic jitter, inter-channel jitter, ENOB, magnitude and phase response providing the cleanest possible representation of your signals. Not only you will have the bandwidth you need, but also the accuracy to see your high-speed signals. Understand how to enable the acceleration of new designs in high-speed digital, optical research and beyond.

We will also show you how the new UXR Oscilloscope integrates into never been seen before Keysight Solutions that test Coherent Communication and that optimise and validate PAM4 Optical Transmitters amongst other test functions.


When & where

24th-26th September 2018 - Keysight Registration Desk, Meeting Block SC3 (between Hall 7 and 9), Rome, Italy


This year’s ECOC will see the revelation of multiple Keysight integrated solutions for the first time. Upon release, we would like to make resources available to you that will demonstrate how these solutions are able to accelerate your designs and get your innovations to market faster.

To be alerted when resources are available and to receive a complimentary downloadable Keysight Lightwave Catalogue click the button below:

Lightwave is the most extensive catalogue of optical Test and Measurement solutions available and addresses the latest in technologies such as silicon photonics, 400G, PAM-x, coherent transmission and more.