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Designing Phased Arrays With Confidence Webcast

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Phased array technologies have been used in Aerospace and Defense applications for several decades, with many phased arrays deployed around the world. In recent years, phased array technologies are being applied to commercial and satellite communication applications. A lack of confidence in the traditional approach of spending a lot of time perfecting the first cut design, often leads to a design proposal that is conservative and overdesigned. However, today’s design automation tools have matured so that one can arrive at a more confident design before building a hardware prototype. This allows designers to be more competitive when bidding for projects and committing to more aggressive time-to-market schedules. In this webcast, Keysight highlights the tools and techniques that engineers can easily integrate into their phased array design process to design their next generation phased array with confidence.


Murthy Upmaka Ph.D, Senior Applications Engineer, Keysight Technologies

Murthy Upmaka has been with Keysight Technologies for the past 20 years. He has a Ph.D in Physics and published several papers in international journals. In his current job Murthy enjoys working with various design engineers helping them design RF/MW circuits and systems using Keysight EEsof EDA design tools. Currently he is focused on Aerospace Defense sector and specifically on end to end system design flows.

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