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Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Hands-on Workshop with ADS 2017, SIPro and PIPro


It has become much more important to get higher frequency s-parameters for PCB accurately due to ever increasing data rates. ADS 2017 features a host of new technologies designed to improve accuracy of PCB simulations for both Pre-Layout and Post-Layout, including two electromagnetic (EM) software solutions and a Thermal solver specifically created to help signal and power integrity engineers.

In this workshop, you will learn how to design your high speed interconnects keeping the eye-opening within specifications and the new innovative pure EM based SIPro and PIPro composite technologies for designing high speed digital boards. SIPro and PIPro provides a cohesive workflow with ADS for signal integrity and power integrity applications.



What to Expect

This is a hands-on workshop and laptops will be provided. You will learn by doing, utilizing ADS 2017, SIPro and PIPro with the instructor as we go through examples that include:


Signal Integrity Pre-Layout Design Flow: Maximizing the Eye Opening

  • Design of Controlled Impedance lines, Via’s and Transmission Lines
  • Analysis of Link Performance, Cross-talk and TDR
  • Optimization of Transmission Line and IBIS-AMI Parameters

Signal Integrity Post-Layout Verification Flow

  • PCB EM Model Extraction and analysis
  • Amendment of Pre-Layout study with real board traces EM model

Power Integrity Analysis: DC IR Drop and Electro-Thermal

  • Analysis of DC IR Drop for Power Delivery Network
  • Thermal and Electro-Thermal analysis of whole PCB

Power Integrity Analysis: AC

  • AC Impedance, Dynamic PI and Resonance
  • Optimization of Decoupling Capacitance



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