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Understanding New Pulse Analysis Techniques Webcast

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Traditional spectrum analyzer measurement techniques for simple pulse measurements included understanding "line" and "pulse" spectrum rules as well as power measurements using pulse desensitization equations. While these concepts are still good to understand for basic pulse measurements; new radar or EW systems output much more complex waveforms presenting a very difficult measurement challenge. Further complicating the engineer's task, measurements that were not even possible with legacy spectrum analyzers such as pulse modulation are now vital for performance verification. Finally measurement hardware offers various benefits and trade-offs. This webcast will analyze different hardware choices across the industry and discuss how using commercial off the shelf (COTS) techniques enable the engineer to significantly improve modern pulse analysis.


Test engineers, systems engineers, and managers who develop, test and support radar and electronic warfare systems or anyone needing to understand how to make basic pulse measurements.


Richard Overdorf, Aerospace Defense Strategic Planner, Keysight Technologies

Richard has worked for Keysight for almost 10 years and is responsible for product planning and AE support for various Aerospace and Defense applications in signal analyzers and signal generators. His current focus is on application engineering and planning for radar and electronic warfare. He served as a Business Development Engineer for electronic system level (ESL) design solutions focusing on a variety of applications. He has also been an Application Engineer in Keysight's electromagnetic interference test sector. Prior to joining Keysight, Richard worked in head-end cable television where he was responsible for maintenance of uplink, downlink, and distribution. Richard received his BSEE, and MBA from New Mexico State University

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