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EMPro class 2015 in Germany

Keysight Technologies invites you to attend a training on 3D electromagnetic simulations. Attending the training will give you the necessary background for effective EMPro tool usage and keep you up to date with the latest technology innovations in the exciting field of high-frequency electromagnetics.

Designing high frequency circuits is as much an art as a science as the complex distributed nature of electromagnetic behavior around the 3D physical structures changes the expected performance of the circuits, sometimes drastically. The last 2 decades have seen a dramatic evolution in capabilities of modeling the passive 3D structures. The CAD user interfaces now allow the creation of 3D models that rival mechanical engineering tools, but are these models always the best approach to solving the purely electromagnetic behavior that is of interest to the electrical engineer? The mathematical methods available to solving the EM problem also continue to evolve in capability and capacity, but are they all really equivalent to solving a particular problem?

In this 2 day class, you will learn the answer to these fundamental questions. Understanding the proper usage of EMPro will allow you to complete your design challenges in a minimum of time, which continues to be the prime driver for surviving in the fast paced world of high-speed, high-frequency product design. The knowledge you will carry away with you will serve you for as long as you work in the exciting world of RF and microwave engineering and beyond.

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 EUR 980ht per participant 2015-02-10 09:00 - 2015-02-11 17:00
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EMPro class in Keysight Technologies
Oberhaching, Germany