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Addressing the Challenges of Complex Spectral Environment Simulation with Wideband Precision AWGs

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Radar and EW systems operate in an increasingly complex spectral environment. Evaluating system hardware under a variety of emitter scenarios helps characterize system performance in the presence of potential interferers. Capturing actual waveforms and playing them back is one way to evaluate device-under-test (DUT) performance. It may also be useful to modify a captured waveform and create new scenarios that contain additional emitters. This webcast will show how wide-bandwidth multi-channel digitizers can be used to capture and analyze signals. Using design simulation software, captured signals will be modified to generate complex multi-emitter signals using high-precision arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs). Co-existence between Radar and wireless emitters such as WCDMA, WLAN 802.11ac, and LTE will be examined.


Test engineers, systems engineers, and managers who develop, test and reprogram radar and electronic warfare systems.


Greg Jue, Applications Development Engineer/Scientist, Keysight Technologies

Greg Jue is an applications development engineer/scientist working on aerospace/defense applications at Keysight Technologies. He has worked in Keysight’s High Performance Scopes team as well as Keysight EEsof, specializing in SDR, LTE and WiMAX™ applications. Greg wrote the design simulation section in Keysight’s new LTE book, and has authored numerous articles, presentations and application notes, including Keysight’s LTE algorithm reference whitepaper and Keysight’s new Cognitive Radio whitepaper. Greg pioneered combining design and test solutions at Keysight Technologies, and authored the popular application notes 1394 and 1471 on combining simulation and test. Before joining Keysight in 1995, he worked on system design for the Deep Space Network at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech University.

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