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ADS Learning Week in France (Les Ulis)

Classroom Training | Where & When

Join us for the ADS Learning week in France starting on Monday March 24th, 2014! Over the course of the week we will offer several modules of ADS and 3DEM topics based on the latest version of ADS.

The schedule is modular and allows you to choose your favorite topics. You can register for one or more days as required. These classes cover a selection of material used in the popular Keysight EEsof Customer Education classes and will be led by qualified Keysight instructors. Computers will be provided by Keysight for those who do not plan to bring their own laptop.

Please find below a detailed agenda and registration information. Seating is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Take the first step towards increasing your design productivity by signing up as per the instructions below. You can consider the registration form as a formal quotation from Keysight. The price of the classes is 300€ per day. Lunch and refreshments are served during the training days.

Date Agenda
Monday 24 March
  • Introduction to ADS
  • Overview of workspaces, libraries, cells and technologies
  • Schematic capture, system and circuit components, sub-circuits
  • Symbols and Dynamic Model Selection
  • Basics of Sources, Terminations, and Variables
  • Simulation basics: DC, S Parameter, Transient, Harmonic Balance
  • Plotting data for DC, S Parameter, Transient, HB
  • Using Examples and Design Guides
Tuesday 25 March
  • Optimal Usage of ADS Layout for Quick Generation of Prototypes
  • Learn how to optimally create layouts in ADS using design synchronization, manual entry, & AEL macros.
  • Understand technology files and editing procedures. Proficient use of the physical design user interface is a pre-requisite for defining robust EM models, but is also essential for correctly manufacturing circuits.
Wednesday 26 March
  • Intro to EM GUI & Simulations (Momentum & FEM)
  • Learn how to convert layouts into EM simulation models using the unified GUI for Momentum and FEM.
  • Apply MomRF & coarse model techniques to perform highly efficient, perturbational optimizations.
  • Build EM Components from physical models for circuit cosimulation. Simulate antennas and compute their properties such as gain and far fields.
Thursday 27 March
  • EM Component Parameterization, Cosimulation & Cooptimization
  • EM Component parameterization is the basis for EM-circuit-system cooptimizations.
  • Learn the two methods to convert static to parameterized geometries.
  • Compare traditional “puzzle-piece” modeling approaches to large scale modeling. Understand and efficiently use thick conductor modeling using LTCC spiral inductors as examples.
Friday 28 March
  • Multilayer PCB Modeling, Differential & CPW Structures
  • Methods to model multilayer PCB structures. Learn different grounding concepts such as localized grounds and return paths vs. ground at infinity.
  • Perform pure differential and mixed-mode (common–differential ) S-Parameter simulations using schematic templates and DDS equations and understand the implications this has on real-world differential signal routing and analysis. Model CPW structures using positive or negative mask models.

Where & When

Date(s) Location For more information
2014-03-24 09:00 — 2014-03-28 17:00
Local Time
Les Ulis