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Measure Your Signal, Not Your Measurement System

1   Hour | Webcast | Where & When


The new reality of high-speed digital is that data rates are encroaching on RF frequencies. Designers must account for losses in their measurement systems that come from their test setup, including cabling fixturing and even scope probes. The difference between accounting for these losses and ignoring them could be compliance test failures, reduced design margin and lack of clarity in debug. If you are working significantly above 1 Gb/s, you could (and should) be making better measurements. This webinar will cover de-embedding and Waveform Transformation as methods to account for
losses in their test setup. Additionally, the measurement benefits of PrecisionProbe and PrecisionCable will be discussed.

Who should attend:

  • Designers
  • Engineers working significantly above 1 Gb/s
  • Oscilloscope users
  • Designers worried about the impact of their measurement system on their test

The presenter: Daniel Ruebusch

Daniel Ruebusch manages strategic marketing of high performance oscilloscopes at Keysight Technologies. He has past experience in semiconductor device physics and processing and consumer sales and marketing. Daniel holds a B.S. from Cornell University in both Electrical Engineering and Materials Science and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley.

Where & When

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