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H7216A/B-325 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer Course

1   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Engineers and Technicians

This course is recommended to first-time users of the 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer. No previous knowledge of the product or technology is required. Through instructor led lectures and labs, the student will learn what a vector signal is, how it works, how to load and operate the analyzer and apply this tool to typical problems found in modern tranceivers.

What you will Learn

  • An in-depth look at the Theory of Operation behind the VSA
  • Actual use of the product and complete many applications of the analyzer


  • Basic RF electronics background


  • 89600 Overview
    • Hardware description
    • Software description
    • Capability overview
  • System Installation
    • Hardware installation
    • Software installation
  • Theory of Operation
    • System Block Diagram
  • Vector Signal Analyzer Application
    • Loading & running the vector signal analyzer
    • Navigating the User Interfaces
    • Customizing the Interface
  • Analyzing a Signal
  • Frequency Domain Measurements
    • Acquiring a Signal
    • Frequency
    • Channel Power / Band power
    • Relative Frequency & Amplitude
    • Relative sideband phase
  • Time Domain Measurements
    • Triggering
    • Power Envelope
    • Timing
    • Complex or I/Q
    • Gating
  • Analog Demodulation Measurements
    • Analog demodulator theory of operation
    • Setting up the analog demodulator
    • Frequency deviation vs. time
    • Power setting of a burst
    • Phase noise
    • AM to PM
    • Correlation and Coherence
  • Digital Demodulation Analysis
    • Digital Demodulator Theory of Operation
    • Setting up the Digital Demodulator
    • Analysis tools available in the Digital Demodulator
    • I/Q gain Imbalance
    • Quatrature error
    • Filtering errors
    • Spirus and Interfering Signals
    • Modulation errors
  • Spectrum Analyzer Application
    • Loading the Spectrum Analyzer
    • Usung the Spectrum Analyzer
    • Applications for the SA
    • Finding signals
    • Theory of Application of the SA
    • Harmonic and Spurious Signal Measurement

Where & When

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Training & Event Materials

89600 Vector Signal Analyzer Users' Course 

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