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H7230A #514 i3070 UnMuxed User Fundamentals I

4.5   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Engineers and technicians responsible for developing test programs on the Keysight i3070 UnMuxed board test system.

This class is paired with H7230A #515: i3070 UnMuxed User Fundamentals Class II.
In Class I, learn to use the standard tools that are readily available on the i3070.
In Class II, learn more advanced features including FlashRAM, Serial EEPROM programming and Boundary Scan Test. Plus learn to customize your tests, generate custom test models and receive an introduction to many of the optional test tools available on the i3070.
(The Unmuxed system uses the new Hybrid-144 non-multiplexed pin card.
The Muxed systems are those using the classic Double Density multiplexed pin card)

New test program developers: Gain an understanding of the test development process and Keysight i3070’s testing concepts. Learn to develop a board test starting with CAD data of the printed circuit board, through completion of the board’s description, generation of test fixture files and test programs, turn-on and debug of various test types using Keysight’s automated debug tools for unpowered tests (Shorts, Analog Incircuit test, TestJet/VTEP test) and PushButton Debug for powered tests (Power Supply setup, Digital Powered tests, Powered Analog tests, etc.) Learn to support Engineering Change Orders applied to the printed circuit board.

What you will Learn

  • Basic test development on the i3070 using Keysight tools
    · Translation of CAD data is beyond the scope of this class, so translated files are provided
    · Completion of the board’s description using the Keysight Developer Interface
    · Generation of test files
    · Generation of files needed to build the test fixture
  • Develop the description of the board and the test requirements with the Keysight Developer Interface
  • Turn-on and debug unpowered tests with the Keysight’s Engineer Interface: (Pins, Shorts, Analog Incircuit and VTEP).
  • Develop custom digital tests using Keysight’s Developer Interface, BT-BASIC and Digital Setup Editor.
  • Turn-on and debug powered tests using PushButton Debug: (Power Supply setup, Digital Incircuit, Boundary Scan Interconnect and Powered Analog)


  • A basic understanding of electronics and some programming experience


  • An introduction and preview of the week ahead
  • Overview of the i3070’s hardware - how it works
  • Overview of the i3070’s software - how you control it
  • Develop a test strategy for the "Combo" board.
  • Discuss the translation of CAD data
  • Complete the board description using Keysight’s Developer Interface
  • Generate Fixture and Test Files
  • Describe the "Training" board to the system.
  • Generate Fixture and Test Files
  • Discuss Fixturing
  • Learn how the unpowered tests function (Pins, Shorts, Analog Incircuit and TestJet)
  • Turn-on and debug each unpowered test type using the Engineer Interface.
  • Learn how the powered tests work (Setup Power Supplies, Digital Incircuit and Analog Functional)
  • Turn-on and debug powered test types using the PushButton Debug interface
  • Discuss Advanced Powered Test techniques (many are used in Class II)
  • Discuss the Release to Production process
  • Discuss and perform Engineering Change Order to the boards.

Where & When

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