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H7216X-210 3G Technology Overview - WCDMA

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Audience: All technical employees who need to have a background on CDMA technology

This course examines the core concepts of one operating mode of the IMT-2000 world wide system: 3GPP WCDMA. This system is based on the WCDMA system developed in Japan and Europe. While this standard is a part of the harmonized worldwide standard, it will continue to be developed by the 3GPP standards body that originally developed it. This course covers the standard as found in the Release 99 version completed in December 1999.

The physical aspects of the air interface are examined as well as enough of the upper protocol layers required to gain a general understanding of the system's operating principles. The course assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of the principles of direct sequence, spread spectrum communications.

What you will Learn

  • 3GPP concepts and enhancements
  • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology and its applications in Code Division Multiple Access systems
  • Fundamentals of wide band CDMA for third generation communication systems


  • Basic understanding of wireless communication technologies and IS-95 system


  • 3GPP - WCDMA
    • Improvements and enhancements compared to IS95/GSM
    • Frame structure, timing options, protocol structure
    • Transport channels, physical channels
    • Downlink Physical channels
    • TFCI function
    • Turbo coding, segmentation, interleaving, rate matching
    • OVSF codes, Scrambling, and Compressed mode
    • Uplink Physical channels
    • HPSK modulation
    • Mobile initial search & synchronisation
    • Soft handoff
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Where & When

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3G Technology Overview - WCDMA 

Data Sheet 2004-07-26