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H7216A-327 89600 Series Vector Signal Analyzer Basics

2   Days | Formation en classe | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Engineers and technicians who need to use the Keysight 89600 series of Vector Signal Analyzers and can benefit from instruction on the technology and measurement fundamentals

This is a complete course on the theory and operation of the 89600 series Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA), including an understanding of frequency, time, and modulation domain measurements. The technology concepts and instrument operation knowledge can be immediately applied to a wide variety of application areas including the latest digital communication systems, spectrum/signal monitoring, digital video, and underwater acoustics.

What you will Learn

  • An in-depth look at the theory of operation behind the VSA
  • Measurements you can make with VSA
  • Actual use of the product and complete many applications of the VSA


  • Basic RF Electronics background


  • 8960 Overview
  • System Installation
  • Theory of Operation
  • The VSA Application
  • Analyzing a signal
  • Frequency Domain Measurements
  • Time Domain Measurements
  • IQ Demodulation Domain
  • Analog Demodulation
  • Digital Demodulation Analysis

Where & When

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89600 Series Vector Signal Analyzer Basics 

Data Sheet 2004-04-14