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Join Keysight Technologies at MWC Americas 2017

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Innovative technology is transforming the connected world, driving change and creating endless possibilities. Industry leaders depend on Keysight to provide deep insights across Layers 1 through 7 with engineering solutions that evolve as ideas are transformed into reality. MWC Americas is the premier event showcasing core mobile technologies, consumer and industrial applications in the Internet of Things, and the intersection of mobile with entertainment, content and media.

Join Keysight at our booth 1246 in North Hall to discuss how we can work together to drive innovation and growth of the mobile ecosystem. Be sure to stop by our booth on Wednesday, Sept 13th from 4pm to 5pm and join us for a wine and cheese reception.

Demo - Booth 1246 Description

Verify LTE, NB-IoT and Cat M1 from functional to operator’s acceptance

A single solution, E7515A UXM, addresses all industry requirements from functional to operator’s acceptance for cellular technologies including GSM, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, LTE, NB-IoT and Cat M1. Keysight’s Network Emulation Solutions (NES) allow test cases scripting, parametrization and full automation besides management and execution of test campaigns of validated test cases for certification. Functional, performance, conformance and operator’s acceptance tests are available using the most advanced software to maximize test efficiency while minimizing time to market.

The fastest path to 5G

5G. Are you ready? 5G related features such as beamforming at mm-Waves bring new test challenges that need to be addressed as early as possible in the product life cycle. The ability to quickly adapt to the evolving 5G specifications by efficiently prototyping advanced protocol features and verifying RF/RRM performance allow 5G market leaders to minimize time to market increasing ROIs. Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solution (NES) portfolio offer a single solution for RF, RRM and Protocol testing from early design and verification to pre-conformance. Performing comprehensive tests quickly and managing program risk are critical success factors. Keysight can help you find the fastest path to 5G.

Groundbreaking Cellular and WiFi solution

Need to thoroughly test cellular and WiFi simultaneously? New multi-mode devices present interoperability challenges. Using Keysight’s E7515A UXM network emulator coupled with Ixia’s industry-leading Wave Test System, completely new capabilities are enabled: the ability to emulate a complete cellular and WiFi system from data traffic generation to physical transmission—layers 1 to 7. This industry-first solution allows to evaluate the performance of complex multi-mode devices under conditions that closely match real-world environments. Keysight delivers the end-to-end view of performance verification needed in emerging and demanding applications like IoT, Connected Car and 5G.

Assure 5G air interface QoS via fronthaul monitoring

Wireless Fronthaul Network monitoring enables operators to get significant insight regarding the quality of service and customer experience, and help measure, improve and troubleshoot fronthaul operation. As 5G Wireless Fronthaul networks increase in complexity and are at the convergence between RF signal and protocol domains, monitoring solutions require a unique combination of RF signal and wireless protocol measurement science.

Keysight's solution leverages from leading measurement expertise in both domains and provides a real-time dashboard of 5G Fronthaul control plane with continuous monitoring of DCI messages. As physical events - such as interferences - may influence network operation, this monitoring solution delivers measurements that spans over multiple domains, including CPRI frame analysis, modulation measurements and wireless protocol analysis and monitoring.

Verify 5G coverage

5G Coverage

  • Secures 5G base stations go-to-market
  • Enabling network equipment manufacturers and mobile operators to evaluate and verify 5G base station propagation models
  • Measures signal power level from the 5G base station

  • Keysight’s Nemo Outdoor is a field test solution for measurements of radio interface parameters in wireless networks

  • Keysight’s FieldFox is a handheld RF and Microwave analyzer with a range from 4 to 50 GHz

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End-to-end RF measurements with remote control

End-to-End RF Measurements

  • Streamline RF measurement operations and OPEX
  • Connects Keysights Nemo products, measurement and analysis processes and data feeds into one unique e2e solution
  • Remote Access to centralized Fleet Control and Monitoring of RF measurement and analytics solutions

  • Improves responsiveness and quality of measurement projects in the field

  • Nemo Cloud is a centralized, web-based service for remote control and management of measurement fleets.

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Testing Gigabit LTE

Breaking the 1Gbps speed barrier is an important stepping stone towards 5G. Ixia Solutions Group (part of Keysight) offers a best in class platform for validating Gigabit LTE RANs and EPCs, specifically designed to scale to Gigabit levels and beyond - IxLoad Wireless with XAir2 and PerfectStorm. These tools are designed to:

  • Validate the functionality, capacity and performance of Gigabit-LTE enabled RAN, using technologies including 4x Carrier Aggregation, 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM
  • Measure true quality of experience (QoE) for mobile subscribers and services at massive scale, using either wrap-around or end-to-end testing

Testing Cellular IoT

With the massive upcoming increase of IoT devices connected to cellular networks, it is imperative for service providers and network equipment manufactures to test their networks and devices to ensure they scale. Ixia Solutions Group (part of Keysight) recently introduced Cellular IoT emulation and test capabilities to its market leading, high scale cellular test solution - IxLoad Wireless. These tools are designed to:

  • Validate the functionality, capacity and performance of newly introduced EPC elements such as C-SGN, using technologies including S1-Lite and Data over NAS
  • Validate the functionality, capacity and performance of cellular IoT-enabled RAN by emulating both regular UEs and cellular IoT UEs at scale, using technologies such as CAT-M1 and NB-IoT 

In-building benchmarking of LTE networks

In-building benchmarking of LTE networks

• Live demo: benchmarking LTE networks at the venue
• Nemo Walker Air provides you with real-time RF measurements and benchmarking of multiple networks simultaneously

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