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Be Prepared for Next Generation MIPI Physical Layer Design and Evaluation Webcast

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The MIPI Alliance has released new C-PHY, D-PHY and M-PHY specifications to address the next generation of the 5G mobile era to include VR (virtual reality), AR(augmented reality) and autonomous vehicle technology. These physical layer specifications are not only double data rate, but also add new features and test specifications. To win in the next generation mobile market with this MIPI PHY, an engineer must understand and prepare for these changes early in the design process.

This webcast will explain the specification changes, and the challenges and solutions for testing the new requirements.


Design engineers, signal integrity engineers, quality engineers, validation engineers, test engineers, architects, project managers, program managers, application managers, and application engineers.


Roland Scherzinger
Solution Expert for MIPI, USB and Thunderbolt
Keysight Technologies

Roland is a solution expert for MIPI, USB and Thunderbolt test applications. In this position he actively participates with MIPI and USB workgroups, plugfests, seminars and workshops in order to help driving new standards towards testability and to ensure that adequate test equipment and solutions are available at the right time.

Seok Keun Choi
Solution Expert and Product Manager for MIPI
Keysight Technologies

SK Choi is the Keysight Technologies solution expert and product manager for MIPI Alliance solutions. SK is currently a contributor to the MIPI PHY Working Group and member of TSG(technical steering group). He has completed 10 years working for Keysight. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Korea.

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