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Addressing Crosstalk Challenges from Simulation to Board Debug Webcast

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Crosstalk is becoming a huge challenge in today’s design due to higher signal transfer rate in very compact designs. Crosstalk can corrupt the data transmission, closes the signal eye opening, adds jitter to the signal and increases bit errors which will affect the operation of your product. There can be many type of crosstalk aggressors, which includes adjacent transmission lines, power supplies, phase lock loops and reference clocks. Identifying and minimizing crosstalk early through simulation and analysis is critical to reduce the board spins at the product level. If crosstalk is present in the board you are measuring and affecting your design, effective tools are needed to quickly and effectively analyze and debug the issues. This presentation will provide the tools and insights how to solve crosstalk challenges from simulation to actual board analysis and debug.


Engineers who need to analyze and simulate crosstalk in their high-speed digital designs.


Min-Jie Chong, Product Planner

Min-Jie is the product planner for Infiniium Series oscilloscopes



Hee-Soo Lee, Product Manager

Hee-Soo is the Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, 3D Electromagnetic (3D-EM) Application Lead for Keysight EEsof

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