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Join Keysight at ECOC 2017

Connect with our experts at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) 2017, in Gothenburg from 17-21st September.

We are delighted to invite you to visit our booth (Hall 3, stand 239) at the exhibition which takes place from the 18-20th September. Here you can meet with our Keysight experts who will be showcasing the latest solutions for optical communications, networking, cloud and IT infrastructure.

Join Keysight’s Flash Seminars, 15 minute presentations delivered by Keysight and other industry experts at our booth during the exhibition, where you will gain insights into cutting edge technologies and evolving market trends.


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Listed below are our latest solutions that Keysight Technologies will be demonstrating during the ECOC exhibition. Please join us on our stand to see these solutions and discuss with our experts.

400G line rate native QSFP-DD interface test system
With the emerging PAM4 based electrical interface for 400Gigabit Ethernet and the Data Center focused QSFP-DD form factor, the industry is embarking on a new testing cycle to prove out & to adopt these new technologies. The Ixia’s QSFP-DD 400GE test system, compliant with the IEEE 802.3bs KP4 Forward Error Correction (FEC), generates wire rate traffic with unique cyclic redundancy check (CRC), checksum, and timestamp on every packet. This is 595,238,092 packets per second for minimum Ethernet frame size of 64 bytes. While generating traffic, the system is able to receive and capture data for real-time filtering and analysis. Additional visibility includes real-time, per Receive PCS lane status and Pre & Post FEC error monitoring to ensure Media Access Controller (MAC) level error-free operations. This flexible, FPGA-based platform will continue to adapt as the IEEE standard progresses towards ratification.

Simplified electrical 400G transmitter and receiver characterization
400G datacenter networks will rely heavily on PAM4 technology. Accurate and easy 400G receiver test is achieved with the highly integrated M8040A BERT, supporting both NRZ and PAM-4 signaling. For analyzing electrical transmitters direct connections using remote heads, with bandwidths in excess of 100 GHz, allow the N1046A module to provide the highest waveform fidelity.

Fast, automated 400G optical transceiver compliant test
PAM-4 signaling at 26 and 53 Gbaud lane rates leads to new IEEE 802.3 specifications that require new and comprehensive test procedures. Receiver test requires a precise optical stressed signal, which is automatically calibrated with a Keysight solution based on the M8040A. Transmitter test includes extinction ratio, OMA, and TDECQ, all easily achieved with Keysight Digital Communications Analyzers. With the Digital Communications Analyzers family, fast, low-noise, low-cost solutions are available for both R&D and manufacturing.

Realtime optical analysis for 28GBaud PAM4 signals and beyond
Characterize and troubleshoot your high speed optical streams up to 44Gbaud PAM4 with the fully integrated O-to-E solution for Infiniium real-time scopes.

Parametric test of silicon & integrated photonics for 100G/400G
Keysight offers several parametric component test solutions, including S-parameter measurement of opto-electric and electro-optical devices and modules - compatible with silicon photonics on-wafer testing- and polarization resolved swept-wavelength measurements. The latter replaces time consuming polarization alignment for wafer and chip coupling by matrix-analysis of swept-wavelength measurements.

PAM-4 Simulation for analyzing trade-offs for High-Speed Digital Links
The ADS channel simulation enables a comparison of PAM-4 versus NRZ technology. This example demonstrates the concept of price vs performance in PCB design. Cheaper PCB materials with more loss and no-backdrilling of vias are more likely to exhibit resonances at higher frequencies. This channel may not support NRZ to 56Gbps, but will support PAM-4 more easily, assuming that the resonances are higher in frequency than the main spectral content of the PAM-4 signal. For the system designer attempting to compare NRZ to PAM-4 trade-offs, an immediate need exists to use PAM-4 IBIS-AMI models from SerDes vendors within their Channel Simulation. Through Keysight Technologies' continuing leadership in the IBIS Open Forum, Keysight EEsof EDA now offers support for the new IBIS v6.1 specification. Developed in collaboration with the industry's leading PAM-4 SerDes IC vendors, the ADS Channel Simulator provides a trusted bit-by-bit simulation engine for PAM-4

Enable 600G coherent optical communication with 64G 64QAM
Coherent optical communication continuously develops to terabit speed classes. This generates a demand to characterize coherent optical transceiver systems and components enabling 600 G and Terabit networks. Keysight's end to end test solution contains an Optical Modulation Generator and Optical Modulation Analyzer to test 64G 64QAM.

Modular and compact 400G coherent component and system test 
The M8290A is the new member to Keysight’s OMA portfolio adding a 92 GSa/s OMA and Digitizer to the AXIe platform, where it can be easily combined with high-speed AWG’s in a compact, easy-to-setup, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-integrate stimulus-response test system. Together with the well-established GUI for measuring EVM and troubleshooting coherent modulation signals as well as additional application-specific software add-on’s for testing ICR or ACO modules, this is the most complete and cost-effective single-vendor test platform for upcoming 400G components, modules and systems. 

Exhibition hours:

Exhibition Date Access Time
Monday 18th September 9.30am - 5pm
Tuesday 19th September 9.30am - 5pm
Wednesday 20th September 9.30am - 4pm