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MVG - Orbit/FR µ-Lab – A Compact  Integrated Test Facility for mm-Wave Antenna Testing Webcast

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Today’s communication systems and consumer electronics are requiring faster and faster data rates. This cannot be accomplished with the limited bandwidths available at frequencies below 5GHz. For this reason, there is significant research and development in the unlicensed millimeter bands above 50GHz where greater bandwidths and data rates are possible. At these wavelengths, antenna may be physically small enough to be measured in the Far-field with a relatively short measurement distance. In order to characterize the wide variety of these antennas the measurement system must be flexible and capable of both far-field and spherical near-field measurements. Antenna measurements at these frequencies present many new challenges and magnify legacy challenges. As products evolve to Systems on a Chip (SoC) through the product development cycle to fully functional devices, advanced radiated system measurements will be required such as Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), and Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) as a function of device position or beam location. A measurement platform with Flexibility and Fidelity is needed. This presentation will introduce you to a compact portable antenna test system from MVG – Orbit/FR that meets the challenge. The system is known as the µ-Lab and it utilizes the latest Vector Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers from Keysight Technologies along with millimeter up/down converters from Microwave Vision (MVG), Virginia Diode, and Olson Millimeter Laboratories (OML).


Managers, Design, Test, and Applications Engineers involved design verification, or manufacturing test areas for Wireless HD, Wi-Gig, Automotive Collision Avoidance Radar, small connectorized millimeter antenna devices, PCB and wafer design and testing of millimeter antennas.


Jim Puri, Sr. Applications Engineer at MVG - Orbit/FR

Jim’s career in electronic instrumentation spans more than 39 years. He started his working career as an electronic instrument technician with the US Army Security Agency back in 1973 at a signal intercept post in West Berlin. After his service in 1979, he joined Hewlett-Packard as a repair and calibration technician in Dallas Texas. During his career at HP/Agilent Technologies, he held many rolls and became the lab metrologist at the Texas repair and calibration center. He then moved into field service where he installed and supported T/R module and antenna test systems utilizing the 8530 based receivers. In 1999 he was promoted into the Applications Engineering Organization where he specialized in Vector Network Analysis and later was a lead in the migration of the Agilent PNA into Antenna Test applications. Jim has since held a number of Master Applications Engineering roles at Agilent and focused on test system design for antenna test. He has been an active participant in Antenna Measurement Techniques Association for more than 12 years and was nominated as a senior member in 2012. Jim retired from Agilent in May of 2013 and has now joined MVG-Orbit/FR as a Senior Application Engineer. Jim lives in Sunnyvale, Texas where enjoys restoring Alfa Romeo's and various other collector cars with his son Anthony.

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