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MQA: The Golden Standard for Device Model Validation

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Whether you are a Foundry or IDM creating models, or a design house using device models, it is important to understand model behaviour and assess quality. Foundries/IDMs need to comprehensively and effectively assess the quality of device models, and take steps to assure their behaviour for the technology of interest. Design houses need to validate device models, and understand their behaviour in the regions of interest, prior to introducing to the design teams. It is important for Design Houses to understand where errors exist in Foundry supplied libraries, model and document their behaviour, and assure operation in the simulation environment. MQA provides this functionality for Foundries, IDMs and fab-less Design Houses, and provides a sophisticated automated Report Generation feature to document results.

Who should attend:

Modeling teams that create device models at Foundries/IDMs, foundry interface groups at Design Houses, IC designer & manager who need to evaluate new Foundry technology.


Presenter: Janice Deng

Janice DENG is graduated from Peking University in Microelectronic, and then got Engineering diploma at ESIEE, France. In 2008, she joined Accelicon , which is acquired by Agilent in 2012, as application engineer supporting MBP and MQA worldwide.




Presenter: Cedric Pujol

Cedric Pujol has received his Electronic Diploma at Engineering School INP Grenoble France in 1997. He has worked 7 years at ST Microelectronics, in Central R&D. He developed his skills on Device Modeling through various positions : Design Kit development for Analog and RF, Design tool strategy choice for ST. Cedric joined Xpedion then Agilent where he is now leading the RFIC pre-sales activity in Europe as well as Device Modeling solution.


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