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The Effect of Digital Noise on RF Receiver Sensitivity in Smart-Phones Applications

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Why this Webcast is important:
Modern smart-phones employ a mixture of RF analog and high speed digital circuitry in a very limited form factor. The routing density in these designs is extremely high compared to that of the standard PCB design like PC. Supporting multi-band and multi-mode in the same design also makes the design much more complex. Since various RF and digital blocks, such as RF transmitters/receivers, DDR SRAMs, controller ICs, and a baseband processor, co-exist on the same palm-size board, each power/ground/signal domain has to couple with each other tightly. As such, it is a very challenging design task to isolate the digital and RF circuits from each other to mitigate digital-to-RF noise coupling issues. In this talk, we will discuss the various sources of digital noise, its impact on the overall design, and finally an approach to effectively pinpoint the origin and coupling paths of the noise with the aid of EM simulations.

Who should view this Webcast:
Mobile phone manufacturer, Signal Integrity and High Speed Digital designers.

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Free At Your PC View October 6, 2011 recorded Webcast 

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