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Wireless LAN Evolution Webcast

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With the demand for new usage models and more applications, dense Wi-Fi deployments and more outdoor and public access, extensive effort and work are in progress in IEEE on emerging standards, from 802.11ac to 802.11ax or from 802.11ad to 802.11ay. This paper will present the evolution of WLAN technologies and challenges to test and measurements introduced by new technologies, such as high order modulation, OFDMA, MIMO, also provide solutions to address these challenges.


Wireless system, subsystem and component design and test engineers and engineering managers interested in learning techniques for keeping up with latest standards pushing the limits of device bandwidth, adjacent channel and spurious performance, and complexity.


Kimberly Cassacia, Product Line Brand Manager, Keysight Technologies

Kimberly Cassacia is an engineer at Keysight Technologies, focused on product line brand management of the X-Series signal generators. Since joining Keysight, she has also worked as a solutions marketing engineer for satellite and NewSpace test solutions, and as a technical support engineer, primarily supporting Keysight’s vector signal analysis software. Kimberly graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA

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