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Making Sense of Wireless Sensor Power Consumption Webcast

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Wireless sensors and meters surround us in almost every aspect of modern life. From the hundreds of sensors inside our cars that monitors driving operations and safety to the water, gas, and electrical meters in our homes that transmits our consumption wirelessly to the utilities companies, modern conveniences simply would not be possible without these sensors and meters. The proliferation of these wireless sensors and meters means that these devices must be trusted to properly operate for long periods of time. To properly meet this demand, designers of such wireless sensors and meters must carefully analyze the battery drain characteristics to optimize and validate the battery run time of their devices. This means testing several elements of their device: the sub circuits, the battery, and the device as a whole. In this webcast, we will discuss the needs and challenges of analyzing battery drain characteristics of common battery powered wireless sensors.


Designers of wireless sensors who need to characterize power consumption in order to maximize battery run time.


Steven Lee, Application Specialist, Keysight Technologies

Steven Lee is an application engineer at Keysight Technologies. For the past 10 years, Steven has specialized in the area of power-related applications working with customers who use Keysight power products. His experience at Keysight includes various roles in marketing including product support and international business development. Steven holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.

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