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H7215A/B-109 Impedance Measurement Theory and Techniques

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Audience: Test/production engineers, supervisors and technicians in components manufacturing whom use impedance analyzers, capacitance meters and LCR meters

This course presented by Keysight Technologies the students will learn about impedance measurement basics. Also, the correct techniques for making accurate impedance measurements on components such as capacitors, inductors and transformers. They will gain an understanding on the reasons for measurement discrepancies, the sources of measurement error and how to compensate for these errors. A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the different measurement techniques employed will assist you in selecting the right instrument for your measurement need.

The characteristics of dielectric and magnetic materials used in various components are also important, and this course will review dielectric/magnetic material fundamentals and touch on the measurement techniques employed in evaluating their properties.

What you will Learn

  • Impedance measurement basics
  • Advanced techniques
  • General reliable capacitor testing
  • General reliable inductor testing
  • Dielectric/magnetic material evaluation
  • Effective transformer measurements
  • 4284 lab


  • Basic understanding of electrical circuits theory.


  • Impedance measurement basics
  • Reasons for measurment discrepancies
  • Measurement techniques
  • Error compensation
  • Advanced D measurement
  • Stray capacitance and guarding
  • DC voltage bias measurement
  • Cable extension for the four-terminal pair instrument
  • Impedance measurement using a scanner
  • Testing of capacitors
  • Types of inductors
  • Measurement requirements
  • Ceramic capacitor testing
  • Electrolytic capacitor testing
  • Fundamentals
  • Dielectric material measurement techniques
  • Magnetic material measurement techniques
  • Measurement parameters transformer equivalent circuit
  • Measurement method
  • 4284A lab

Where & When

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Impedance Measurement Theory &Techniques 

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