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Power Converter Design Seminar

Seminar | Where & When

The demand for higher power densities is pushing the up power converter efficiency and decreasing size. To achieve this, higher converter speeds are required which generate a wide range of new technical issues. This “high speed wall” of issues must be dealt with.

What to expect

This seminar will explore high speed parasitic effects, how they manifest themselves in today’s power converter designs, and what you can do to understand and minimize them.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to high speed power conversion
  • Controlling Parasitic Effects: Analysis, troubleshooting, remedies, Parasitic false turn on case study
  • Managing Thermal Performance thru Electro-Thermal Simulation


09:00 Welcome



Hitting the High Speed Wall: Introduction to high speed power conversion
  • Industry trends and power density
  • RF and high speed challenges
  • Impact of parasitic effects
  • Thermal analysis techniques



Controlling Parasitic Effects: Analysis, troubleshooting, remedies
  • Physical parasitic effects
  • The mythical circuit ground
  • Troubleshooting parasitic effects
  • Parasitic false turn on
  • Case Study: 3 kW Interleaved Converter
10:45 Break

Managing Thermal Performance Thru Electro-Thermal Simulation
  • Electro-thermal simulation applied to package & module design
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Discussing Design challenges from customers
13:30 Wrap-up session & drawing
14:00 End

Where & When

Datum Location Weitere Informationen
2016-07-05 — 2016-07-06 München & Böblingen Register Here