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RF Power Amplifier Design Series - Part 2: End-to-End Design and Simulation of Handset PA Modules

1   Hour | Webcast - Aufzeichnung | Where & When

Why this webcast is important:
What goes into real-life PA design considerations? Dr. Peter Zampardi and Dr. Hongxiao Shao share Skyworks design methodology considering all components necessary for a handset power amplifier (PA) or Front-end Module (FEM) based on III-V HBT and BiFET technologies.

Topics discussed include:
• How saturated and linear PA designs have slightly different requirements
• Compact model-based simulation of PA die
• Understanding why process statistics and statistical simulation (of both die and package) are important
• The use of compact HBT models for die design and discussion of common misconceptions regarding the importance of “array” level modeling
• EM simulation of on-chip passives, laminate and package – including process variation and its impact on front-end module performance and yield.

Join us for this practical and informative webcast.

Who should attend:
Target audience is designers, modelers, and design automation working on power amplifier design

Where & When

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