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Innovations in EDA: How to Make Your Designs More Robust

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Why this Webcast is important:
A successful design is not just a design that meets its specifications. When manufactured, especially in big quantities, variation in its components or in the manufacturing process parameters can result in costly failures. This webcast will present a unique design methodology that would turn any standard design into a robust first pass success design with high performance and RF yield. This proposed design methodology will help you achieve first pass success, thus reducing the number of design iterations. As a result, your designs will also become less sensitive to other external factors such as changes in temperature and supply voltage, and effects of packages and bond wires.

Two powerful tools that help identify exact problem areas in your designs will be presented. Powerful design and analysis templates that would help you speed up this design process will be shared and are available for free and you will learn how to apply all this on your designs. At the end of the webcast you will be able to immediately apply these techniques on existing designs you are working on and improve their performance and reliability, thus allowing you to go to manufacturing with full confidence in meeting first pass success with high performance and yield.

Design managers are highly encouraged to join and attend this webcast. By adopting this design methodology within their design teams, design managers are able to help produce first-pass success designs with high yield, thus saving enormous amount of time and money and help battle the technology and time-to-market challenges of today’s communication product designs.

Who should view this Webcast:
RF and Microwave designers, design team managers, and EDA tool decision makers involved in a design team responsible for developing RF and Microwave Circuits and Modules for the latest commercial or Aerospace-Defense wireless applications.

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Free At Your PC View the recording of the July 28, 2011 Webcast 

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