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Innovations in EDA: Multi-Technology RF Design Using the New Advances in ADS 2011

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Why this Webcast is important:
Today’s RF design is in the midst of a transformation, characterized by a move from simple packaged MMICs to complex multi-chip RF modules, toward smaller ICs and modules that can be integrated as systems, and from complex-to-maintain integrated point-tool design flows to simplified integrated flows. Such transitions have increased the requirement for EM analysis and for design platforms that provide complete flow, as well as integrate with other platforms. This Webcast will detail recent advances and breakthrough capabilities for multi-technology co-design, like that inherent in RF modules and system-in-package (SiP) designs, that promise to address these requirements. Such capabilities are available in the newest release of the Advanced Design System (ADS) RF design software, ADS 2011.

Specific ADS 2011 advances to be covered include: functionality for true multi-technology RF design, which enables multi-chip, multi-technology, multi-substrate co-design; an improved EM use-model that makes integrated planar, multi-layer EM simulation and integrated full 3D EM simulation (via Momentum and FEM) easy for every engineer, not just the EM expert; EM technologies for improved speed, accuracy and convergence; load-pull capabilities for faster, better matching-circuit design from measured data; and layout improvements that make physical design in ADS easier than ever.

Who should view this Webcast:
Engineering Designers, Managers, and EDA tool decision makers involved in a design team responsible for developing Multi-Technology RF designs for the latest commercial wireless or Aerospace-Defense applications.

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