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RF Fundamentals Part 4: RF and Microwave Power Measurements Webcast

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Power measurements are fundamental to RF & microwave industries, but is the standalone power meter still relevant among the plethora of advanced instruments available today? During this one hour webcast, we will discuss standalone power measurement instruments, how they work, why they are important and where they fit within the RF test bench. We will describe the technologies and topologies applied to power measurements and explore how best to take advantage of the capabilities offered. Factors effecting accuracy and traceability will be presented along with detailed application examples.



Technicians and engineers that need to make power measurments on RF & microwave signals.


Eric Breakenridge, Aerospace/Defense/Government Solutions Manager, Keysight Technologies

Eric Breakenridge is a Solutions Manager within the Aerospace/Defense/Government Solutions (ADGS) Industry Segment Team responsible for RF/uW Power Measurements and Metrology. Eric has held various professional positions in the electronics industry for 30 years, most notably in R&D at Nortel and HP/Agilent/ Keysight.
Eric joined Hewlett-Packard 22 years ago and has concentrated on developing the power measurement capabilities of the company, as a development engineer, system architect and technology manager. Eric received his BSc in Electronic and Microprocessor Engineering from University of Strathclyde.

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Free 2017-04-18 10:00
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