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Scalar Network Analysis Measurement using Agilent Power Meters and Sensors

1   Hour | Webcast - Aufzeichnung | Where & When

Agilent U2000 series USB power sensor is a compact, light weight instrument that can perform accurate RF and microwave power measurements. When used together with a power splitter, a coupler and a signal source, it is capable of performing scalar network analysis in addition to its power measurement.

This Scalar network analysis capability allows you to perform stimulus-response measurements such as gain, insertion loss, frequency response and return loss. Stimulus-response measurements are used to characterize the transmission or reflection coefficient of devices such as cables, filters, amplifiers and complex systems encompassing multiple components, devices and cables. Examples of stimulus-response measurements are:

  • 3dB bandwidth of a band-pass filter
  • Amplifier gain and return loss
  • Return loss of an antenna
  • Flatness of a low pass filter
  • Frequency response of a cable.

Stimulus-response measurements require a source to stimulate the device-under-test and a receiver (in this case, a power sensor) to analyze its frequency response characteristics.

The purpose of this web seminar is to show how you to make accurate stimulus-response measurements using U2000 series USB power sensors, signal generator, broadband coupler and splitter. The uncertainties of transmission and reflection measurements for this setup will also be discussed.


Who should attend

Professors, researchers, engineers working on filter, amplifiers and RF and microwave components

Where & When

Datum Location Weitere Informationen
2011-06-28 10:00
At your desk Enroll/View the recording of the live broadcast