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N3244A Genesys Fundamentals

3   Jours | Formation en classe | Où et quand | Advantages of Keysight Training

N3244A Genesys ConceptsAudience: Engineers, designers, and high-level technicians who need to use Genesys for design, testing, and characterization of circuits and systems.

This 4-day (3-days in the USA), course presents simulation and synthesis methodologies for both circuits and systems.

What you will Learn

• An introduction to Genesys to teach the user interface
• Syntheses of filters, mixers, and oscillators
• Linear and nonlinear simulations and measurement concepts
• Electromagnetic analysis
• System analysis


• Familiarity with basic RF and microwave concepts and PC experience 


• DAY ONE - Linear Circuit Simulation & Syntheses

o Learn the Genesys Basics

- Get familiar with the Genesys User Interface
- Create a simple design for linear simulation

o Experience the power of the filter synthesis tools

- Create lumped and distributed filters
- Use Tuning and other functionalities

o Overview of Library & Model management

- Create your own libraries and parts
- Create sub-circuits and use it as your model

• DAY TWO - Nonlinear Circuit Simulation & Syntheses

o Nonlinear Model investigation

- Create DC-IV curves
- Stability and Match

o Nonlinear Analysis and Managing Data

- Setting up one- and two-tones analyses
- Sweep input and post-process data

o Syntheses for Oscillators and Mixers

- Setup and run Oscillator & Mixer
- Time Domain and Phase Noise Simulation

• DAY THREE - Electromagnetic Simulation  (Day 3 and Day 4 are combined in the USA)

o Introduction into Momentum

- Theory and typical application
- Design Flow incl. Circuit-EM-Co-Simulation

o Momentum simulation capabilities

- Simulation Modes and Options
- Investigating the different EM-Ports

o Antenna simulation

- Create a Dipole antenna
- Display Far Field Pattern and other figures of merit

• DAY FOUR - System Simulation

o Frequency Planning (WhatIF)

- Perform frequency planning for different scenarios

o RF-Architecture Design (Spectrasys)

- Setting up a RF-System and investigate results
- Typical System-Applications
- Create and investigate a complete FM-Receiver


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