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H7215A/B-166 Transmission Line Fundamentals

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Audience: New college graduates, technicians and junior engineers entering the RF and microwave technology field whose responsibilities include product design, testing or manufacturing

Keysight's Transmission Line Fundamentals course introduces students to the concept of transmission lines, which forms the basis for understanding RF and microwave technology. Students will understand the need for transmission lines and also the complexities involved in dealing with high-frequency systems.

This course is part of Keysight Technologies' Accelerated Education RF and Microwave Fundamentals Curriculum. The RF and Microwave Fundamentals Curriculum is designed to quickly give you the expertise you need to solve measurement problems effectively and efficiently. The courses in this curriculum are the same ones Keysight uses to train newly hired engineers and engineers who are changing jobs within the company.

What you will Learn

  • Explain the need to enlarge the concept of simple hook-up wires to the more general theory of transmission lines
  • Describe the concept of characteristic impedance of a transmission line
  • Describe the relationship between characteristic impedance, termination impedance and reflections
  • Compute VSWR, return loss and reflection coefficient and convert among these measures of reflection


  • None


  • Transmission Line Basics
  • Characteristic Impedance
  • Terminating a Transmission Line
  • Reflections
  • Impedance and Smith Chart
  • Standing Waves
  • Practical Transmission Lines
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Transmission Line Fundamentals 
This course introduces students to the concept of transmission lines, which forms the basis for understanding RF and miocrowave technology

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With the Keysight Accelerated Education Curriculum, your engineers become productive fast, as Keysight's global experts share their real-world test and measurement expertise.

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