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H7230A #600 H7230A #600 TS Family/TestExec SL Developers Class

5   Day | Formation en classe | Où et quand

Class Date Location
TS Family/Test/Exec SL Developers Class July 9-13, 2018 Novi, MI

Audience: Electronic Control Unit(ECU) Test Engineers and Integrators

What you will Learn

Basic fundamentals for TS Family / TestExec SL products
Attendees will learn how to use the TS Family platform to develop automated functional tests, explore details of TS Family system components, architecture, and software.


Familiarity using PCs and Microsoft Windows. Experience using instrumentation and test systems based on PXI and GPIB.


1. Overview of TS-5400 systems and terminology (including hardware and software)
2. TS-5400 DVM and Pin Matrix Details – Detailed discussion of DVM and Pin Matrix architecture and the necessary software actions and switching actions.
3. TS-5400 Switch/Load Box and Power Supply Details – Detailed discussion of Power subsystem architecture and the necessary software actions and switching actions.
4. TS-5400 PXI Instruments – Detailed discussion of PXI instruments, capability and the necessary software actions.
5. TS-5400 Automotive Serial Communications – Detailed discussion of the DUT assisted approach to testing and how to communicate with your module.
6. Additional TS-5400 Software Capabilities – Discussion of the many options and tools available to you in the TxSL Development Environment.
7. TS-5400 Test Development Process – Gather Specifications, Plan fixture and load wiring, assign Resources per UUT pin, Mass Interconnect Conventions, Configuring Load Box, Fixture Spreadsheet, System grounding.
8. TS-5400 Switching Topology Files – Discuss modification of system.ust file and creation of fixture.ust and UUT.ust files.
9. TS-5400 Introduction to Developing Actions – Discuss use of the Action Wizard and C++ Development Environment to develop instrument actions.
10. Product Versions & Throughput Multiplier Capabilities – Discuss benefits and how to use Product Versions & Throughput Multiplier capabilities of the TS-5400.


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US$ 2,754 2018-07-09 — 2018-07-13 Novi, MI  Comment s'inscrire

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