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Millimeter-wave Challenges Webcast

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While the frequency of “mmWave” systems can vary from 10-100 GHz, there are aspects of system design and the impact of hardware limitations that are common. A combination of high frequency and wide bandwidth require close attention to broadband noise, phase noise, linearity, frequency response and power dissipation. The use of directional antennas introduces another dimension to the problem of maintaining an effective link, since beam steering is required. This webcast discusses these issues and some solutions using a number of examples from 802.11ad and OFDM signals.

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Engineers and technicians working at millimeter-wave frequencies. Millimeter-wave radar and 802.11ad.


Pete Cain, Millimeter-wave Solution Planner

Pete Cain is a Solution Planner at Keysight Technologies. He has a background as an RF engineer and project manager, and joined HP/Agilent/Keysight in 1985.Pete’s current role involves assessing new technologies to understand their industry significance and mapping new measurement needs to Keysight’s development groups. Millimeter wave systems, including channel sounding, are his most recent focus. Over the last few years, Pete has been involved in mmWave, Channel Sounding, 5G Envelope Tracking & Digital Pre-Distortion, LTE PHY/MAC analysis, MIMO and WLAN.

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