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Solving Design and Test Challenges for Medical Devices

1   Hour | Webcast

As the need for healthcare grows, technology continues to play a larger role in patient care, leading to unique challenges in the design and testing of the medical devices. Regulations around medical devices emphasize test method validation and automated test system validation, and it's crucial to document evidence that a test method is suitable for its intended purposes and can produce valid results.

The importance of battery life is one critical parameter to consider when designing portable battery powered medical devices. The convergence of wireless connectivity, high-speed digital processing, and real-time monitoring requires that you understand and accurately measure battery current drain. Interference of wireless communications and new technologies is another concern. New test methods for medical device coexistence test are on the horizon and need to be understood when developing new medical electronics. Interference and accurate measurements also impact installation and maintenance activities.

Join us for this on-going webcast series as we discuss these challenges and the Keysight solutions that provide the accuracy, reliability, and performance you need to design and test next-generation medical devices with greater confidence.


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