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Solving IoT Device Test Challenges Webinar Series

1   Hour | Webcast

The Internet of Things changes everything. Devices need to be more energy efficient, access points must support many more devices, wireless communication occurs on different cellular-IoT and wireless standards, network traffic is exponentially increasing, and the entire IoT system needs to be stress-tested and secured.

Join us for this on-going webcast series as we discuss these challenges and focus on various industry specific needs with the Keysight solutions that provide the accuracy, reliability, and performance you need to design and test next-generation IoT devices with greater confidence.




Eliminate Hidden Costs in IoT Device Test
Original broadcast July 17, 2018

Tips to Generate High Accuracy Waveforms to Test your Medical IoT Device
Original broadcast January 25, 2018

Six Reasons Your New Medical IoT Device Will Fail 
Original broadcast October 23, 2017

Smart Testing to Limit Your Risk Exposure in Wireless Medical Devices 
Original broadcast August 23, 2017

Medical Wireless Technology Applications Offer Opportunities and Challenges 
Original broadcast July 18, 2017

How will you Handle the Interference of Things Caused by Medical/IoT Devices? 
Original broadcast June 20, 2017