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Advanced Measurement Seminar 2017


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Today's engineers working in communications, consumer electronics and aerospace-defense are faced with increasingly complex measurement challenges and rapidly changing technology. This full day complimentary seminar ( lunch included) will discuss the latest and most advanced methods for characterizing complex active devices/components up to 125 GHz. We will also discuss the newest techniques for 5G over-the-air (OTA) testing , differential device, I/Q modulator, and noise figure characterization.


This full day seminar will include a series of lectures, interactive discussions, and product demonstrations. Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided.


RF and Microwave design engineers, test engineers and lab technologists/technicians.





Tuesday, September 12

Holiday Inn
6700 Trans Canada Hwy
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1C2

Wednesday, September 13

Holiday Inn & Suites Ottawa Kanata
101 Kanata Avenue
Kanata, ON K2T1E6

Friday, September 15

Delta by Marriott
110 Erb Street West
Waterloo, ON N2L 0C6

Thursday, September 21

Element Vancouver Metrotown
5988 Willingdon Ave
Burnaby, BC V5H 2A7


8:30am - 9:00am | Registration/Refreshments

9:00am | NEW High Performance Millimeter-wave Component Test Solution
The New High Performance mm-wave VNA can be utilized to address the needs to characterize both passive and active millimeter wave components.
With the increased demand to transfer large amount of data at high speeds, there is an increasing need to utilize millimeter wave frequency band for information transfer. This in turn places high demand on designers and manufacturers in the industry to fully characterize and test both active and passive components at the millimeter wave frequencies, and current systems often lack the performance or bandwidth needed to fully understand component performance.

We will start our discussion with a detailed look at the system architecture and some key performance capabilities that allow accurate and complete measurement of millimeterave components. We will then follow up the discussion with a few measurement application examples. As part of the device characterization discussion we will focus on how the VNA can be used to make SA, differential, converter and amplifier measurements. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on how we address the calibration method and measurement uncertainty at millimeter wave frequencies.

10:00am - 10:15am | Break

10:15am | Modulated Amplifier Test Using PNA
New communications systems in 5G and SatCom require wideband modulation, which make it difficult to create the signals, and the wide-band analysis means characterizing the non-linear behavior is often limited by the noise floor of systems. Two common figures of merit used for non-linear characterization are ACPR of a modulated signal and NPR (Noise Power Ratio) which uses a notched noise signal as a drive signal. Broadband noise floor and linearity issues limit traditional SA measurements ability to measure ACPR or NPR in these wide band signals. A new coherent measurement method, that relies on knowing the period of the ACPR or NPR waveform, allows up 20 dB improvement in ACPR or NPR detection. Coherent measurements can also be used to improve power measurement of low level modulated signals and greatly reduce noise effects.

11:15am | Uncertainty and Verification of Noise Figure for Y-factor and Cold Noise Techniques
Correlating noise figure measurements between R&D teams and manufacturing teams is becoming both more difficult and more important as LNAs are increasingly integrated with other components such as switches, filters and power amplifiers, to form a Front-End-Modules (FEM) used in wireless devices, thus the test systems must accommodate more complicated test scenarios than a simple LNA requires. his paper discusses the key contributions to NF measurement uncertainty in a straight-forward way that illustrates how errors accumulate in the two major methods (Y-factor and Cold Source), how the errors are properly combined to obtain a statistically correct uncertainty model, and how some methods include, or don’t include, very substantial sources our error and uncertainty. Finally, methods for reducing the error contributions and improving NF measurements are addressed. Here is presented a 2-port verification artifact which has output noise well above kTB with a very well-known noise figure.

12:15pm - 1:00pm | Lunch
Provided by Keysight

1:00 | Accuracy Matters!
What do you do with the result after you take a measurement? Often, people compare the result to a specification and make a “Pass” or “Fail” decision to ship or reject the item under test. They don’t teach you in school how accuracy affects the risk of incorrect Pass/Fail decisions. We will.

1:30pm | Next Generation Modular Software and Hardware for Aerospace/Defense and Wireless Applications
Understand how Keysight’s new scalable software defined instrument platform can help you get your products from R&D and DVT to manufacturing with the fastest time to market, highest quality, and lowest cost of test. Keysight’s new instrument platform is the foundation for solutions to address challenges for aerospace/defense and wireless applications, including Over-the-Air (OTA) test, massive-MIMO, and even cloud-based test methodologies.

2:00pm | OTA: Over the Air Test Solutions for Emerging Wireless
The development of multi-antenna phased arrays, millimeter-wave radios and highly-integrated systems for 5G means that OTA test solutions must be easy to use, cost-effective, and have measurement capabilities appropriate for the users’ needs. Step through the additional test challenges presented with 5G at mmWave and potential solutions. Keysight’s commitment to ensuring a pragmatic approach to test in the standards bodies means you have a partner you can trust.

2:30pm | Break and Product Fair

2:45pm | Complex Measurements on Differential, Multiport, and IQ Devices
Multiport Devices with multiple inputs and outputs, such as Differential Amplifiers, Multiport-Phase Shifters, IQ mixers and Doherty Amplfiiers may require simultaneous multiple phase-controlled inputs and simultaneous measurements at multiple outputs, with phase correlation, over different frequency bands.Also included is the need to control DC inputs or measure DC parameters at the same time. Some examples of IQ mixers which require 90 degree phase quadrature of the inputs to measure the image rejection, as well as DC control to optimize LO leakage; Doherty amplifiers which require phase controlled inputs at the main and peaking amplifier, and measuring the harmonics of a differential amplifier which must be stimulated with a true differential signal, and then measured at the output, differentially at the harmonic frequencies. Differential mixers have similar needs. Advances to the Differential and IQ measurement application (DIQ option 089) makes these previously extremely-challenging measurements almost trivial. Several examples and detailed explanations of the application will be presented.

3:45pm |Closing Comments and Q & A


Joel Dunsmore, R&D Engineer, Keysight Technologies

Since graduating from Oregon State University with an MSEE (1983), Joel Dunsmore has worked for Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent and Hewlett-Packard) at the Santa Rosa Site. He received his Ph.D. from Leeds University in 2004. He is a Keysight R&D Fellow focused on component test. He was a principle contributor to the HP 8753 and PNA family of network analyzers, responsible for RF and Microwave circuit designs in these products. Recently, he has worked in the area of non-linear test including differential devices, and mixer measurements, as well as modulated and spectrum measurements. He has received 26 patents related to this work, and authored the “Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements”. He co-taught an RF course at the University of California, Berkeley, and presented several short courses and seminars through ARFTG, MTT and Keysight


Mirin Lew, Solution Planner, Keysight Technologies

Mirin Lew is a Solution Planner for the Communications Solutions Group of Keysight Technologies, focusing on solution and strategic planning and marketing for 5G applications and 802.11ax wireless LAN. Mirin joined Hewlett-Packard in 1987, and through the company’s transition to Agilent Technologies and then to Keysight Technologies, Mirin held a variety of marketing, planning, and applications support roles related to signal generator, signal analyzer, and network analyzer products. Her previous applications experience includes base station testing, signal generation and analysis for 802.11n/ac WLAN, GPS and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and WiMAX, as well as MIMO testing and fading channel emulation. Mirin earned a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of California at Davis and an M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University. 

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