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Simulating, Generating and Analyzing Custom-modulated Satellite Signals Webcast

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As space becomes more densely populated with satellites, so does the spectral environment. This is leading to new challenges for today's operational satellites as well as proposed satellites that are part of the NewSpace revolution. This webcast will discuss some of the implications of having a myriad of satellites in orbit. It will also show how the ability to simulate, generate and analyze custom-modulated satellite signals can help overcome these issues and thereby ensure robust satellite communication links.


All professionals working across the Satellite industry ecosystem


Kimberly Cassacia, Solutions Marketing Engineer

Kimberly Cassacia is a solutions marketing engineer in Keysight’s Communications Measurement Solutions division, focused on satellite and NewSpace test solutions. She has also worked as a technical support engineer, primarily supporting Keysight’s vector signal analysis software. Kimberly received her BS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in 2014.

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