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H7216X-100 Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11) Design & Verification

5   Jours | Formation en classe | Où et quand | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Technical professionals involved in IEEE802.11 WLAN product design, verification, testing, and related services.

This 5-day intensive course will focus on the IEEE802.11a/g WLAN technology. The course traces product development from concept to prototype product testing. Specific WLAN technology and standards will be highlighted as the basic foundation of the course. The 802.11a design implemented in simulation will be used to illustrate key design requirements for the transmitter and receiver. The major highlight in this part of the course features virtual prototyping of a real receiver LNA board on the system level. Transmitter and receiver testing compliance to the 802.11 standards will be covered. Additional troubleshooting techniques for WLAN modules with impairments will also be illustrated.

What you will Learn

  • WLAN technology and system architecture
  • IEEE802.11a/g standards
  • Deployment and development issues
  • Design and Verification issues
  • Design, Testing and troubleshooting techniques

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