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Beyond CMOS vs. GaAs – Finding the Best Technology Mix for a Handset PA Webcast

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There has been much debate recently about whether GaAs HBT or Silicon-based CMOS is the better device technology to use for handset Power Amplifier and Front End Modules. While the choice of active device is a key consideration, companies who are developing the best products in the market are doing so because they have the most effective mix of technology which is integrated seamlessly into a single functioning module. This seminar will explore two very different technology mixes for a handset PA Module, one is built around a CMOS PA core, while another is built around a GaAs PA core. Technology implications and design techniques will be discussed, and tradeoffs will be illustrated using unique aspects of the multi-technology flow in ADS.


Power Amplifier Designers


Matthew Ozalas, Senior RF Module Designer, Agilent Technologies

Matthew Ozalas received his BSEE from Penn State University in 2001 and his MSEE and MBA from Arizona State University in 2010. From 2001 to 2005, he worked as part of the Advanced Wireless Department at the Mitre Corporation where he did RFIC and Power Amplifier Design for a variety of high frequency applications. From 2005-2013, he worked at Skyworks Solutions in the Santa Rosa Design Center, designing and developing high volume multiband power amplifier and front end modules for wireless handsets. He joined Agilent EEsof in 2013, where he is currently working as an Application Developer.

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Beyond CMOS vs. GaAs – Finding the Best Technology Mix for a Handset PA Webcast Slides 
Slides from the June 13, 2013 webcast.

Présentation de séminaire 2013-06-13