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RF Power Amplifier Design Series: Part 4 - RF Module Design using Amalfi CMOS PA

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Designing CMOS RF Power Amplifiers is a complex task, which requires various simulation technologies. In this webcast, we will present a comprehensive CMOS Power Amplifier design methodology based on a real world example: Amalfi’s dual band PA module, AM7802. You will learn how CMOS Power Amplifiers ICs are modeled with *X-parameters, how to model laminates and packages with advanced EM simulation technologies, and how to integrate all of these results for complete module design verification.


Power Amplifier Designers


Andy Howard, Agilent EEsof Senior Applications Expert

Andy Howard joined HP in 1985 as a development engineer designing microwave circuits. He spent a year in Japan as a systems engineer before becoming an HP EEsof applications engineer in 1993. His applications work has included simulating noise in nonlinear circuits, high-yield design techniques (design of experiments), Circuit Envelope applications, and for the past fourteen years Agilent ADS, RFDE, and GoldenGate examples. He developed the ADS Amplifier DesignGuide, and also worked on the Mixer DesignGuide. He has extensively updated the ADS Load Pull DesignGuide. He designed a high-speed prescaler IC using Keysight’s RFIC Dynamic Link, that was fabricated using IBM’s SiGe process. He is the author of the RFIC Flow Workshop. He graduated from U.C. Berkeley, B.S. E.E., 1983, and M.S. E.E., 1985. He was a visiting researcher for one year at NEC's Central Research Labs in Japan while a graduate student, and is fluent in Japanese. He has published a more than 20 magazine articles, HP or Agilent seminar papers, and application notes.

Hee-Soo Lee, 3D EM Applications Specialist, Agilent EEsof EDA

Hee-Soo Lee holds a BSEE degree from the Hankuk Aviation University, Korea. He has more than 20 years of design and simulation experience in the area of RF and Microwave designs, and is currently the Applications Specialist for 3D EM solutions at Agilent EEsof EDA.

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RF Module Design using Amalfi CMOS PA Webcast Slides 
Slides from the November 15, 2012 webcast

Présentation de séminaire 2012-11-15