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H7216A/B-312 CDMA Basics

1   Jours | Formation en classe | Où et quand | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Technicians working in a production environment.

This course provides technicians with a fundamental understanding of CDMA technology. It also provides a hands-on classroom environment to learn about the block diagram of a mobile, and how to measure and find faults.

This experience enhances the productivity of technicians in the production environment who do testing, rework, and support. By taking knowledge of the CDMA system together with measurement theory, the student will have the tools and knowledge necessary to be faster and more effective in working with mobile phones.

What you will Learn

  • CDMA network, cells and sectors
  • Soft, softer and hard hand-offs
  • Pilot and synch channels
  • Traffic channels
  • Vocoders and error correction
  • Walsh and long code
  • Camp & call set-up
  • 8924C CDMA test set operation
  • Transmitter measurement
  • Receiver measurement


  • Students should either complete the RF Measurement Basics (H721A#101).


  • AMPS Basics
  • Digital Basics
  • CDMA Basics
    • CDMA Network
    • Air interface
    • Signal path from the microphone to the attenna
  • CDMA Measurements

Où et quand

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Matériel pour la formation/l'événement

CDMA Basics - Course Overview 
This is a two page education marketing datasheet for the CDMA Basics course.

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